Cupcake design

I love Sundays.

Sundays are for Coffee and for sharing.

Writing a baking blog and sharing my cakey adventures has become such a joyous past time, but I am not originally a blogger. I am home baker and dessert developer baking for both private celebrations and press events.

This time round I thought I’d share with you not a recipe but some of my most recent commissions.


I was asked by the lovely folk at Tampax to design 50 bespoke cupcakes to celebrate the new Tampax Pearl edition (which you may have seen in the shops recently). After many ideas on colour, style, feel and message we went for piped roses with gorgeous sugar pearls, the Tampax Logo and the Tampax pearl hash tag #PerfectFit



When designing a dessert it’s important for me to know about the occasion, the feel of the event, how it’s going to be eaten, when it’s going to be eaten as well as the person who’s receiving it or if it’s for a press event the type of person the product is aimed at. In this case, I wanted to know about the type of gal that buys Tampax Pearl, her lifestyle and her style. With all this info I make a kind of mood board of this person or persons that I’ve never met in my head and instinctively I create straight away. If I over think it it doesn’t seem to work as well.



After being displayed at the event each one of these cheeky little fellas went home with a loving journalist.

This commission was brilliant fun for me as I love to decorate cakes. There I was at 3am in the morning hand designing each cupcake armed with a knife, a brush, food colouring, a piping bag and coffee!!



In the coming months I shall be putting up cake decorating tutorials on how to pipe buttercream roses with my personal baking tips. Taking your cupcakes and layer cakes from nice to razzle dazzle.

Short and sweet! I have really enjoyed sharing some of my recent work with you and have some great Easter Commissions coming up. Next commission is for an order of my Magic Muffins but the recipe is top secret. They are gooey chocolaty goodness and whenever I’m asked to make them I always make an extra batch to give to friends or eat myself. The best thing about them is they are super healthy but feel incredibly sinful! What could be better?

Keep baking, keep designing and ”treat‘ yourself well!

Yours Truly,

The Cake Diaries xoxo

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