Cookie Credentials

Ode to Tea –

Dearest Tea you have a lot on your shoulders and have a huge responsibly to the human race. You warm our cockles, you mend our broken hearts, you bring us together, break the ice and make me smile when I am grumpy. You are Tea! And you are great! But everyone needs someone to lean on and most frequently its biscuit!

I am a big fan of tea and inevitably it’s dear friend and partner in crime the biscuit!  All teas – (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady grey, Assam, Ceylon, green tea, fennel tea, Camomile and all you other life savers (yes I said Life savers!) need a companion. From the Sturdy and crumbly shortbread finger to the delicate and zingy Ginger Snap every tea has its dearest and bestest bud.

In fact in my humble opinion all you hot beverages out there need someone who compliments you and your distinctive flavour, someone who gets you, makes you the best and most of what and who you are. Just like coffee, who also has a big job. Getting us up in the morning and out the door, running faster and longer on that treadmill, helping techie media types work longer in over priced and fancy cafe’s, helping American cops do good jobs and bring down criminals and not to mention the perfect place to dunk a doughnut.

As the nights are drawing in and the cold snap is starting I will be looking at and making the perfect hot beverage accompaniments.

The first culinary adventure comes in the form of the cookie! So….. looking back 3 months I took a little trip over the pond to New York and L.A in search of inspiration for my own signature cookie.

Boy, did I find inspiration and heaven?!


Miss Cake Diaries herself taking a rest with her friend in Central Park after much cookie eating!

I experienced many a cookie on my travels, the good the bad and the ugly, not forgetting the own right sublime. From crisp and crunchy to melted, doughy and as fat as a Scone. Fresh out the oven or a day old for only a dollar. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, M&M filled, cranberry, sour cherry, pecan, peanut, salted caramel, butter scotch, ice cream and even bacon! I said bacon people!!

I ate them, I ate them all.




In consideration of my American cookie  adventures I have come up with my next recipe and new must have purchase on my website.
The Dark Chocolate, Avocado Scone Cookie (gorgeous scone like cookie with the good vibes of California, my dear friend Effie and the skin loving avocado).

Avocado? What?!

I am having a love affair with avocado and believe it or not it is a dream to bake with, not to mention the health and beauty benefits. I try to add it wherever I can. It has a very subtle flavour when baked and is perfect when paired with chocolate. In fact in my mind Avocado and Chocolate need to get a room! Because they are smokin’ hot for each other. So try this recipe to start with then you won’t be too scared when I bust out my Afternoon tea, vegan Scone recipe on you!!


Melted Sugar and butter, mashed Avocado and chopped chocolate.

Ingredients –

150g Plain Flour

56g unsalted butter

90g Light Brown

20g Dark Brown sugar

1 Egg

1/4 teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda

55g 75% dark Chocolate

50 Mashed avocado.

3 pinches of salt


Method –

– In a small pan heat butter on a low heat and melt

– Turn off the heat and add both sugars, let them melt naturally

– Let the sugar cool for 4/5 mins and whisk in 1 egg

– Mash the Avocado and add to the wet ingredients

– In a mixing bowl add the flour, Bicarb and salt

– Add the wet ingredients slowly to the dry ingredients mixing as you go.

-Add the chocolate as you mix. As it becomes dough you will be able to decide if you want more chocolate or less.

– Butter a baking tray and add a heaped tablespoon of dough for each tablespoon. Personally I like a rough looking/ rustic look for my chocolate chip cookie so I don’t try to round them or neaten them up. I think the look more delicious. You should aim for about 10 cookies.

– Now put the tray in the fridge!! I know this is hard because in the back of your mind you are possibly envisaging that in just 13 minutes time you could be watching melted chocolate oozing from a fluffy scone cookie but by putting the cookie in the fridge for just 20-30 minutes (Top tip!!!!!) will stop them spreading to keep it more scone like.

– While you wait, heat the oven to 180c/gas 4/ 350f at least 20 mins before the cookie goes in. Bake for 13 – 14 mins.


The scone cookie is not a sophisticated cookie, and that’s how I like em’, rustic! So to tart them up serve with English Breakfast tea or a chocolaty coffee (in my case a lovely Guatemalan coffee I bought in Paris) in vintage china. Come on boys you know you want to! Stack em’ up on a board to serve and ‘hay presto’, American style cookies eaten in a small flat in the heart London overlooking a very soggy English Garden, perfect!

One Cookies down and many more crunchy, chewy, crumbly biscuits to go!!









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