A home bake is the most personal bake.










Welcome to The Cake Diaries.

Sweet memories of cake.
Tea time treats, layers cakes and luxurious mini creations made for capturing sweet memories of your perfect event.

My memories are quite literally made and defined by the cake in my life. I always remember the events in my life by what delectable and beautiful treats we ate. It was always the presentation of a big white cake box at a party that got the attention of the crowd and brought everyone together creating lasting memories.

So started my exploration of treat like fancies and my diary of a life in cake.

All Cake Dairies creations are home made using the very best quality ingredients, with absolute care and whipped by my very own hand.

You can order straight from the Summer/Autumn menu or get in touch with any creations you have in mind

On my blog I will update you with my baking commissions both past and present and share the many recipes from my cake diary which is literally busting at the seams!

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